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The outlandish haircuts you may have seen on poodles are not only an artistic expression. It’s hard to find people who agree to the origin of such hairdo’s but the best explanation goes back to how the poodle earned his keep many years ago. In Germany he was know as the ‘pudelhound’ meaning water dog but images of him on Roman coins and tombs still depict unusual haircuts.

He was used as a water retriever. If a poodle were not shorn then his coat would help to weigh him down in the water, which is a disadvantage. If his bottom half was clipped short or shaved it meant a mane and hair around the front of his chest could still help to warm his vital organs. Clipping his face helped keep hair out is his eyes. Leaving a pom pom of hair around his joints was to help protect from rheumatism.

In France around the 18th century it also became popular to clip to mimic the extravagant coifs, which were a head fashion at that time. Nowadays, the bare exposed poodle bottom in the show ring reveals his squareness but no matter how a poodle is clipped, he’s bound to turn heads.

Fancy a sassy poodle song?

Turn up the sound and check out this wonderful rendition …



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