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Stamina & Sparkle…

Patterdale’s are in fact a working dog and are best suited to owners with an ‘energetic’ lifestyle. The breed is related to the northern English Terrier breeds such the Airdale, Fell, Lucas and Smooth Coat Terrier. The Patterdale’s coat types come in 3 kinds… smooth (as per the image here), broken (with some extended whiskering) or rough which is much more wirey and hairy double coat.  All are fairly weatherproof and were able to tolerate harsh English climates.

This compact but tough breed was originally used for hunting foxes, vermin and small game, even digging out prey if required.  These days you’ll see them in Terrier racing, flyball or agility.  Patterdale’s are known as a very loving and loyal dog which form strong bonds with their owners, thus not liking to be left alone for long periods.

Yes he’s alert. Yes he has a very high drive but if you are happy to toss a ball he just loves this and will never renege on a game of fetch.

The small to medium size dog can also make a loyal family pet if socialised correctly from a young age. Caution should be used around small animals and a fenced yard is a must. Adult dogs weigh usually weigh in at around 5 to 7Kg.

Confident and strong willed traits are couple with a sparkly and sweet personality.  If you wish to use your Patterdale as a working dog you will quickly find it doesn’t take much to switch on the ‘lively’ button.

This lively fellow is vibrant, enthusiastic and eager to please.

Incidently, a Patterdale crossed with a Jack Russell Terrier is called a ‘Patterjack’ and crossed with a Chihuahua is called a ‘Chatterdale’ !

Leah & Angela OMeara

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