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This gorgeous pooch was spotted at a local shop and after a quick introduction the owners explained that their beloved dog was 17 years of age. With their furry friend no longer able to walk much of a distance, they decided they’d do the walking themselves and still be able to take their dog with them.

This pic was taken outside the fish & chip shop, and we spotted them a little later with the dog out of the pram standing quietly beside them waiting for them to finish eating.  It’s so warming to see this kind of care and it is not every dog that would be suited to or tolerate a stroller.  Walks these days take a while, because it is such a novelty to see a dog getting about this way the owners are constantly being stopped by strangers (just like us) wanting to admire their buddy and know more.

If your dog doesn’t quite need a pram you can still make getting around the house easier by avoiding slippery surfaces.  If you have a slippery floor lay some type of non-slip coverings down so your dog is not at risk. 

Check his bedding and consider something a little softer for joint pain and old bones. Though he still needs to move, he may not be able to complete a game of fetch without pulling up sore afterwards. Play may need to be modified and be sure to remind the kids of any limitations.

Older dogs struggle a little more in extreme temperatures so consider a coat for winter and be sure he can stay warm and dry with little effort. He may need to be inside with the air conditioning more in summer. 

Keep in touch with your vet regularly as changes can happen quickly. If you have a larger breed, consider whether it is beneficial to have him enter and exit the car using a purpose-designed ramp (as long as he’s mobile enough and the angle is not too steep). Your vet can advise you on all physical needs and changing dietary requirements. And a quick tip – If your dog’s appetite has diminished, mildly warming the food enhances the smell and may help encourage him to eat.

Leah & Angela OMeara

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