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Children 8 years and under are sadly the most common victims when it comes to dog bites. Statistics show that most involve the family dog or the dog of a friend.

City of Logan proudly presents ‘Be Pet Smart’ to help educate children about safely interacting with cats and dogs in a non-threatening setting. Although running approximately two years now, the program is believed to be the first of its type in south-east Queensland.

Learning tools include a play-based activity book, cartoon characters, education toys and other activities to help engage the children and cement knowledge. The students get to share their discoveries with parents and carers as the activity book begins in-class and can be completed at home. Some children even get to practice their learning around a live dog. Experience helps build confidence and respect towards the world around us. We can see that this package is most definitely going to benefit many family pets too.

The teachers’ resource guide demonstrates how the learning can be worked into lesson plans and being a Council supported initiative, there is no cost to the school. Please help spread the word about this wonderful program, which could help save your child or a child you know from harm.

Leah & Angela O’Meara
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