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On May 11ththis year ‘T’ litter was born into Queensland Police Service.  You may remember a previous blog we posted about their ‘P’ litter.  As usual, the public gets to present names for the pups which will then be short-listed and voted on.  So, it’s time to get creative. Being ‘T’ litter means the names must all begin with the letter ‘T’.

The litter consists of two girls and four boys.  These dog squad marvels are just beautiful. It won’t be long before the squirming fluffballs begin exploring their way in the big wide world, but it’s still a long road to graduation and fighting crime.  We can confirm that they do not look too intimidating right now. ‘T’ litter will learn their early social skills while being with foster parents for over a year. For the first eight weeks of their life they are with their Mum.  By 12 months of age it will be determined if they are suited to completing the next phase of training.  At 12 to sixteen months they will be bonding with a handler. Initially pups are motivated with food rewards for tasks but that is shifted to being ‘toy reward’ driven as the get older.

As adult working dogs they will be strong and athletic.  It takes incredible endurance to be a member of ‘paw-enforcement’. Some of them may be general purpose police dogs, drug detection or bomb detection dogs.

Can you help to name these six new canine wonders? At eight weeks of age the puppies will be given their names. You have just one more week to get your suggestions in and entries close on Friday 21stJune.  Click on the link below to read more and to submit your name suggestion…


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