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You betcha mate…

 Well you’d think we’re having a chew-a-thon here with another blog about chewing.  But if you’re a hound, then can there ever be too much chewing?  Heck no. This time we’re not talking bones, but rubber.

Want to give your dog a pastime, which is great for gums and dental health? Would you like to help occupy your pooch with a pastime and give them a  durable toy to go the distance?

Toys truly can help your dog remain active and healthy.  Not in a run-around kind of way but in a ‘boy my fangs have had a workout’ way.  Dogs and pups don’t grow ‘out’ of behaviour, they grown ‘into’ it.  This highlights the importance of providing sound toys which can satisfy the desire to chew whilst delivering a ‘hit’ for your doggo’s brain.  Pretty soon he’s going to learn that his toy is the most desirable thing to chew. What a great idea, to provide something more attractive to chew than your new pair of shoes.  We can’t expect them to chew nothing !

Tossing a handful of food to your dog can be a waste when you could magnify and lengthen the enjoyment by stuffing it into a purpose-designed toy such as ‘Toothy’. You can push food inside the ribs where it stays until you doggo works to get it out.

The non-toxic durable rubber will give you peace of mind and your dog is just going to love this food-revealing wonder.  The ‘Toothy’ is not abrasive so your dog can chew and grind to his/her hearts content.  Move over plaque !

Check out the Furry Mates website where they boast ‘Free Aus post on all orders’. ‘Furry Mates’ endeavour to make pet ownership that bit easier.


Always purchase toys the appropriate size for your dog and according to his/her chewing capacity.
Study the size chart before order the ‘Toothy’ and other doggy products. 

Leah & Angela OMeara

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