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If you ever wanted a great personalised piece in your home Pet Mojo can deliver.  Check out the wonderful door-mat in the pic.  Yes, Christmas is just around the corner and this would certainly make a great gift for anyone with a dog but you don’t need to wait for a special occasion.  All you need to do is choose the size and provide your dog/s name/s and a pic. But there’s loads more gift ideas to choose from.

Whilst you’re perusing Pet Mojo Shop’s online catalogue you’ll find endless practical or beautiful pet gift ideas.  Maybe you just want something to spoil yourself or your dog.  Custom collars, cups, slippers, lamps, pet beds, teaspoons, toys, clothing and even cleaning products.  Pet Mojo Shop also makes the most beautiful sterling silver pet necklaces that, like the door-mats showcase your special pet. A photo image is required for these too of course to make absolutely certain your pendant look exactly like your unique pet.  Each one is handmade with attention to fine detail, comes in a gorgeous gift box and is a great way to keep your dog close to you wherever you are. Add a custom keychain if you wish.

Or for those with tea-cup size pooches how about a hoodie with a pouch at the front so your best mate can nestle in while you watch a movie together.  Try wearing that one without getting noticed !

Pet Mojo Shop’s website allows you to track your order so you can anticipate the delivery date of your precious goods and it offers a 10% discount on your first order.

They are great place to find creative pet gadgets, pet furniture and a multitude of pet supplies.


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