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There’s a pair just right furrr you !!

That’s right, these are Socks designed for human paws. What better way to celebrate, show-off or just feel good about what you are wearing. 

Whatever the dog breed it is that you love, you can now shout it to the world via these gorgeous fashion statements.  Your toes will never feel the cold of winter again. And you don’t just need to be stuck with the one colour… as each breed has several colour combinations available.

The socks are ‘one size fits most’ so you’ll have no sizing dilemmas.  It’s a great way to add a little fun to your own day (or to someone else’s).

No secret handshakes required to be a member of this society folks, just wear and go.  Anyway, it’s hard to have a ruff day when you wear a pair of these babies. Don’t forget they are also an excellent gift for any time of the year.  The pawfect gift for a fellow dog lover or even just someone who’d like their toes toasty!

Having a power meeting for work?  No need to be nervous.  Wear your Dog Society socks.  You’ll look secretly confident and other people in the boardroom will wonder why you’re looking so smug.

With Dog Society socks you can be sure you’re putting your best footfeet forward.  Own two different breeds? Wear one of each !

Whether it’s a Dachsy, Chi Chi, Maltese, Boxer, Beagle, Bulldog, Lab, Jack Russell, Greyhound or Westie who’s your besty, Dog Society Socks will be your other best friends.  There are many more breeds than listed here, plus even more will be added to the range soon. To make your selection check them out at…


For enquiries you can contact info@allthingscanine.com.au

Leah & Angela OMeara

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