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It can be a real challenge keeping your lawn looking great when you have a dog.  Along with the general wear and tear such as ‘sheep tracks’, you may find ‘patches’ forming where your pooch has eliminated.  Harsh weather can be pretty tough on lawns too.

Are you tired of seeing your lawn looking scrappy?  Has your dog fashioned some of his own landscaping or have you had some turf work done? Perhaps you are planning for a party, an open garden or even thinking of selling and you want to have your lawn looking luscious.  Whatever the reason, ‘ColourGuard’ by Lawn Solutions Australia has a resolution.  Finally, some practical help for desperate looking lawns with this environmentally friendly and 100% organic product.  Not only will ColourGuard make your lawn look better, it will also help protect it.

Even through drought and water restrictions, ColourGuard can restore the natural green colour of your grass while being safe for your pets.  The product helps reduce the need for watering, is UV fade resistant and works in both hot and cold weather. ColourGuard comes in liquid form and is diluted with water for use… 40 ml per 5 litres of water. The bottle fits swiftly onto your hose or if you prefer, you can use a pressure sprayer. If the forecast is for rain, no problem, once ColourGuard has dried is won’t be washed off by the rain.  It can also be applied onto drought or frost affected lawns. The results are instant.

So, if you are a lawn lover head to Lawn Solutions Australia’s website and check out their range of products.
For a closer look at ColourGuard, check out Jason Hodges giving you a first rate demonstration…


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