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Let’s spare a thought for Californians who’ve suffered some of the deadliest wildfires on record this year. Finally, after two weeks it has been announced crews are close to containing the blaze.  Words simply cannot convey the degree of devastation these areas have suffered.

The wildfires in Northern California began on 8thNovember and have claimed 84 human lives but there are nearly 500 still unaccounted for.  Search and rescue dogs are being used to detect people amidst the affected areas. A bit of rain did help with the mission to extinguish fires but steep terrain also posed a problem, particularly with wet which caused mudslides in some areas.

Thousands of animals have been injured, killed, displaced and exhausted as raging fires affected 1,600,000 acres.  Folks worked quickly to save life wherever they could.  Animal control agencies and makeshift shelters are brimming over with animals including dogs, many of which need immediate medical care including burns and smoke inhalation. 

Unforgiving flames were fanned by powerful winds and residents began leaving properties. Some had a large task in attempting to take their pets or livestock.  Many people there are on acreages and it’s a big ask to move numbers of animals in a hurry. Smoke made visibility impossible at times.  Residents in surrounding areas began to prepare in case the wind changed direction. There are still many more animals roaming the burned-out neighborhoods, separated from their owners.

Findingrover.com offers pet owners extra help to be reunited with their pooches via their website. Owners can load a pic of their animal and Finding Rover’s facial recognition system will display images of dogs which look like theirs.

Websites and Facebook pages have been set up to help manage animals affected by this disaster…

If you wish to donate and help animals ‘desperately’ in need, please click the link below.


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