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Spare a thought when we reap the benefits of using a product or medication that many of these have been tested on animals.  This method has tweaked a multitude of drugs and potions to the point where they are deemed safe for humans to use.

A recent Internet article brought our attention to laboratory testing on Beagles.  The dogs were seized in 2016 whilst they allegedly waited their time to be used as test animals in an Indian laboratory. But there are also reports of such testing in the U.S.A. and other places. Why Beagles?  The article suggests it is due to their ideal size for handling, their trusting nature and cooperation. The story also suggested that deciding on one breed and using it repeatedly would give more accurate results.

Whilst we have to admit that the presence of an article on the Internet is not a guarantee of fact and accuracy, it does not surprise us to hear such a report knowing that there are a multitude of animals used for such purposes including mice, monkeys, guinea pigs and rabbits.  We like to report objectively when writing about a scenario we have not witnessed ourselves and you are capable of your own research about Beagles if you feel curious. There are a few disturbing videos available on you tube.

We prefer to see Beagles playing with their owners or dog buddies, enjoying a comfortable home or showing off their skills as sniffer dogs.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have published on their website beauty product brand-names who use animals for testing purposes.  They also display brand names promotingthemselves as cruelty-free. Whilst lab testing on animals has reduced in the last 20 years we would love to know the real statistics.  Animal imports are a hot topic right now but the lab testing still deserves a platform.  Laboratory testing surely has to be as uncomfortable for one animal kind as it is for another.

We’re all consumers and this blog is not about trying to inflict guilt, just a reminder to consume mindfully.  To think about where our food, wool, leather, entertainment and products we use come from plus the impact that availability means for animals, who have sacrificed in order for us to enjoy it.

Leah & Angela O’Meara

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