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Some dogs have been known to live to remarkable ages. Maggie, a kelpie owned by a dairy farmer in Victoria may have been the oldest dog recorded at 30 years old. Prior to her passing it was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey (also from Victoria) that held the Guinness world record. He passed away at 29 years and five months. Maggie’s paperwork was lost long ago but her owner Brian McLaren knows her age.

Chanel, a dachshund mix rescue from New York also made it into the Guinness Book of Records. She was 21, loved peanut butter and home cooked chicken. Who doesn’t?

Whilst dogs usually live from eight to fifteen years it tends to be smaller breeds living the longest. Also, when calculating a dog years e.g. a 7 year old e.g. Doberman in considered a senior dog and translates to approx. 54 human years. A Chihuahua of 7 years is also a senior but translates to a human age of 44 years.

Improved veterinary science means we can generally keep pets going a long time however not all ‘long lived’ pets owe their longevity to veterinary science. We do recommend a regular visit to the vet, adequate exercise & grooming, mental stimulation, friendship and good nutrition for all our furry pooches.

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