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Whilst it is popular to check up on our own background of origins using a DNA test, the same can be done with your dog.

You may be blissfully convinced of your dog’s breed or maybe you are not even curious… after all it won’t make you love them any more or less. Right? But what about if you had very little history when your pup found her home with you, or you were uncertain of the breed/s which make up your pooch and like to be more aware of potential health risks. Others may be curious about certain traits their dog presents, behaviours, drive etc. Nuisance behaviours should not be tolerated based on the breed of a dog. Instead, reward your dog for doing the right thing and make sure you provide loads of interesting things for her to do. This will give her less reason to do things that annoy you and more reason to repeat the things that please you. The breed of a dog is not always what determines the outcome of a dog’s behaviour in any given situation, however it can be advantageous for us to know which instincts we may see, and what to consider when designing fulfilling training programs for the dog.

If you have ever wondered about such things, a DNA test for your dog does not require a needle. A cheek swab is used to collect some saliva.

Maybe your dog is a beautiful mix of goodness knows what. But if you’d like to know more or have a test completed, check out the information on the following link…


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